Sjögren’s Syndrome Romande Association (ARSYS) is a Swiss non-profit association officially recognized as being beneficial to the general public. It gathers patients, their friends and relatives as well as anybody who wants to support and cheer us.

Our association also addresses people with Sicca Sydrome (dry eyes, dry mouth and so on).

We need donations to keep our association alive and to enable us to continue to carry out our various objectives such as providing the information available on this website. Please help us by making a donation to the account below! By making a donation, we offer a future, a hope: think of us! Thank you and enjoy your visit!

CCP:  17-228720-9

IBAN:  CH20 0900 0000 1722 8720 9

It is now possible to make a donation to the association and to pay your membership fee via Twint!