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Sjögren’s Syndrome is an autoimmune, systemic, chronic, inflammatory, invisible and rare disease. The prevalence in Switzerland and in France is 0.02%, which means 1 in 5000 people develops this illness. 1600 people potentially suffer from Sjögren’s Syndrome in Switzerland.

Dryness (of eyes, mouth, mucous membranes, etc.) is one of the characteristics of this syndrome. This dryness can be extreme and disabling but Sjögren’s Syndrome is much more than a Sicca-Syndrome and much more than dryness. Sjögren’s can cause many symptoms and can affect any organ in the body. Most of the patients experience an intense fatigue and joint, muscle and even neuropathic pains. This condition seriously makes everyday life complicated for the majority of the patients. Simple and ordinary activities can become hard, difficult if not impracticable. 

Sjögren’s is a progressive disease which develops slowly. It can be mild, moderate or severe but in all cases patients need a regular follow-up by a specialist of this condition because it can lead to serious complications in some of them.

At this time, there is no treatment that can cure Sjögren’s Syndrome. Besides symptomatic treatments, according to the severity of the illness, patients can be treated with cortisone, anti-malarial medication, anti-cancer drugs or immunosuppressive therapy. This is why we need donations to support research:

CCP 17-245810-7

IBAN CH64 0900 0000 1724 5810 7

Sjögren’s Syndrome Romande Association (ARSYS) works for a better recognition of this underrated disease and the patients who suffer from it. Our association act as a link between patients who wish it and create a network that can help to reduce some difficulties.

Thanks to all of you for your help and support: our perpetuation is a cause for hope!

The President, A. E.

23. July 2015
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